Week 15 – Classmate Conversation – Craig Wigboldy


Craig Wigboldy is a third year student at the school. He is currently majoring in nursing. He commutes to school as I do, but lives in Long Beach unlike myself. As an upperclassman, he told me a bit about what things went throughout the course of his time so far at the school. As a competitive major, Craig is working hard at an internship for Saint Mary Hospital.

Outside of schoolwork, Craig plays the sports volleyball and tennis to be active and maintain a balance of fitness and academics. He also does this with his two siblings to contribute to his consistency at having fun in these sports. Craig is fond of action movies as it gives him the thrill of being at the scene of each given moment in that movie. After chatting up with one another, we saw that another classmate was giving out a survey and decided to take it together.

Having a relaxed paced talk and just taking going through the galleries was a good time with Craig. His website can be found here and maybe I’ll get to see him outside of the galleries as this will be the last time I see anyone there for art class.


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