Week 15 – Artist Conversation – Troy Rounseville


This week at the galleries, I took notice of the work created of automated musical instruments. I feel that the message of this gallery is relevant to today’s society as things are becoming more and more automated and put into the control of machinery rather than by people.

Seeing how this illustrates technology taking over the creative aspect of human life which is represented by the musical instruments that are covered in wires. All the instruments play and have their own movements based on machinery programmed to make them do so on timely intervals. I feel that this representation of technology taking over is a bad thing as it is removing the imaginative side of human beings. Eventually, almost everything will be controlled by machines and this work is telling people to not let something like this happen and that they must play the music for themselves else the scope of having creative minds will die out.

This work also is a representation of communication through technological mediation. I think that this is also a negative message that the work is telling people about how they communicate with one another. The people of today and the people of tomorrow can expect that the majority of the aspects that individual’s communicate with one another are through technology. This is problematic in the matter of people no longer seeing that value of meeting face to face and actually speaking in person rather than through screens and voice chat. The world is stepping towards being solitary confinement through technology and I think that this is something that the work is telling its viewers so that they don’t let everything be wired as shown with the instruments.


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