Week 13 – Classmate Conversation – Brandon Middleton


Over at the galleries this week, I got to talk to Brandon Middleton. The two of us decided to take a look at the works of art as we began our discussion about one another. It seems that he had quite the interest in the Painting and Drawing Exhibition just like I did. The statement of the exhibition being strong and diverse as true was something that we both came to an agreement on.

As a major in communications, Brandon freely shared out his ideas and thoughts about the arts in the galleries. This openness pushed me to also express my own opinions about the work being displayed. Noting the different aspects of the pieces of the BFA exhibition, we walked through and pointed out how each work stood out with distinguishable characteristics from one another.

Chatting up with Brandon was definitely a more exciting one than the conversations that I had in the weeks prior to this one. Although I did get to hear the typical set of facts that the students in the class tell one another for this assignment, there was also a part of our interview that included speaking about the art around us. I think that this section of our talk occurred due to his charismatic attitude and mindset of being active.  I find this a much better way to have a conversation rather than simply stating facts and getting out of class as soon as possible.


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