Week 13 – Artist – Jeff Dulla (BFA Exhibition)


Walking through the galleries of this week, I took notice of the works in the BFA Exhibition. To me, the works in this gallery each had their own attention grabbing aspect. This work in particular as shown in my photo above, is what I found to be the most interesting of the show. With the title of “Cyclical Nature,” I decided to take a closer look at the landscape of this painting.

What stuck out and made sense of the work’s title was how everything had some sort of cycle or circular form to it whether it be the swirls of the branchlike figures at the bottom or the shaping of the sky. The large sphere at the horizon of the painting, which might be a representation of the blood moon since the entire landscape is shrouded in dark colors, has its own cyclical features as illustrated in the swirling style that the body is composed of.

This work creates a soothing atmosphere despite the lack of life in color. The shaping and structure of the parts in this painting promote smoothness both literally in the drawings and figuratively in feeling. Considering the few sharp edges that the work has reveals how nature is a relaxing place and is cyclical in its shape and also in its existence. Since nature is created by a cycle of life and death, I feel that this illustration depicts the beauty of this cycle even at the darkest times whether that is death or just the time of day. Overall, this work reminds me to respect and appreciate nature because it is cyclical just like how we as people do tasks in our lives in a cyclical manner.


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