Week 12 – Extra Post – Activity Feedback

Overall, this class was something that I did not expect coming into it. It doesn’t have a textbook which I like and emphasizes the experience most which I find to be an important aspect of the class.

Of the twelve activities that were assigned to us, I three that I enjoyed the most were plaster casting, painting and the student choice. The student choice is pretty self explanatory as to why it is an enjoyable one. I feel that this activity allows students to demonstrate something cool that the class has yet to offer and have fun with it because it’s something that they wanted to do. Plaster casting, a fun time at the beach, especially when going with a group of people rather than alone, provides everyone with something that they can physically have which is the result of their work. Although this activity is set in what we have to do, we all still get to decide what we are molding and creating in the end. The activity for painting is a great experience if the trip the the Venice Art Walls is made. Seeing other people’s work there and getting to place your own name or work there is something you don’t really get to do anywhere else. Painting in this sense is much more unique as we get to have our own shot at graffiti in a legal manner.

Of the activities in this class, my least three favored ones were kickstarter, eportfolio and vlogs. The reasoning for kickstarter is that it is not an easy task to come up with such an idea within a week for kickstarter. I feel that coming up with something was a rushed process and making a video corresponding to that idea is difficult in the time frame given. Introducing details about this activity earlier than the week it is would definitely help. The eportfolio is simply an activity that isn’t very interactive at all. Although I can see how this activity hold use to many of the individuals in this class, it did not for myself as I have yet to do anything that I could display for myself. As a result, all of the things just have the placeholder of “work in progress.” I personally do not enjoy creating videos about myself even if it is just a small about me. This connects to me not having very much experience and not having much to say in my eportfolio. Similarly, creating the video for this activity also does not promote very much interaction with things outside technology.

This class is an enjoyable one as it is not textbook related in any way. It pushes some people out of their comfort zones to complete some of the activities which I find a good thing. What I think would benefit the class is to go over the activities prior to the week they are in because some of them would have much better results if there was more time to plan ahead.


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