Week 12 – Activity – Teach One

For this week’s activity, we the students get to teach something that we want in relation to art. I decided to choose to give a quick run through in plaster casting which was week four’s activity.

To participate in plaster casting, you will need to gather a few materials. This consists of a bucket, plaster and maybe a shovel if you want. These things can be found bought at a store such as the Home Depot. The plaster should look like something from the photo below.

ec91fc67-2172-47e5-958e-f956fc6a2cd9_300The next step is to head out to the beach when you have some time to do so. You are to start crafting holes in the sand with figures of you things such as your hands or feet. The holes should go into the sand such that the space that you made is in the shape of what you put in. Whatever space that you made will be the mold of the result of this activity. It should look something like the picture below with the space being what you intend to make.


Once you have created your molds, you will then mix the plaster with water in your bucket. Make sure that the mix is comprised of two parts plaster and one part water. This is very important or else the plaster won’t set. After this, pour the mixture into the hole that you made and wait for it to set. This will generally take about thirty minutes so be prepared to do something for that time. Marking the area might be a good idea so that nothing gets stepped over once you have everything in place as shown in the photo below.

images (1)

Once the plaster has set, begin digging around the spot that you placed the plaster and take out your work of art. Be careful, the work will be extremely fragile so try not to dig it out too quickly. After everything is done, the sculpture should look somewhat like the mold that you made prior. An example of a thumbs up mold resulted in after the plaster casting was finished. This concludes the activity and have fun trying it out.



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