Week 12 – Classmate Conversation – Kevin Pham


This week, I approached this seemingly intimidating fellow with a large stature. However, it turns out that Kevin is actually a pretty friendly person. He even shares a pretty similar state of mind to me. Not too fond about having conversations with complete strangers, Kevin stated that he is working to become a computer engineer just as I am, but is in his third year.

Mirroring the answers that I would give to the questions I asked, Kevin shared to me that he is not much of a movie watcher nor a television watcher either. He is not at all picky with food and will eat almost anything that is served which is exactly what I do. Apparently, Kevin lives in Fountain Valley which means that he lives very close to me as I live at the edge of Westminster.

Kevin is working at a vape shop with his family. He sells electronic cigarettes and makes money with his family which is pretty cool. I am currently trying to get a job and hearing some things about working from him, I get the impression that it is pretty demanding at times but can also be pretty relaxing too. Strange how this large fellow is actually more of a quiet person and could probably be more fun if I get to know him a bit better than I do now.


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