Week 12 – Artist Conversation – Michelle Thompkins

IMG_0391[1]    IMG_0397[1]     IMG_0398[1]

This week at the galleries, there was this one gallery that was closed for quite a while for most of class time. Hearing that the artist had to do something and was coming back, I decided to give a wait to see what was inside and I think it was worth waiting for. The work here is all connected to one another and displayed a sequence of many other pictures than the one’s I took above.

Thompkins states that this work is a meditation of happiness at every stage of the day. Her work displays the day that this little girl is having from school to the the city to home. Through the use of black and white, colored pictures and animation, it seems that Thompkins is attempting to get people thinking and dreaming again.

As shown in the work, the day of the girl begins gloomy which is shown by black and white, but as the sequence of images continues everything is filled with a burst of colors brightening up her day. This reminds me to try and maintain this colorful mindset so that I can stay positive throughout my days because I know life won’t be nice all the time.


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