Week 11 – Classmate Conversation – Oscar Rocha


At the galleries, I met a student by the name of Oscar. He appears to be a pretty relaxed person through the way he shared details about himself. Oscar is currently in his third year at the university majoring in sociology and also is learning a bit of marketing on the side. Like the many other students on the campus, Oscar commutes to get to his classes.

Oscar keeps himself busy through the fraternity he is in. On top of that, he is working as a barber and is conducting a sociology study with the relationship between alcohol consumption and student grade point average. As a result of these things, Oscar doesn’t have too much free time like he used to and no longer spends time in a football sports team that he had done prior during the four years he attended high school.

It seems he has a pretty hectic schedule as I usually see him on his laptop working on something before class starts at the galleries which likely means that he’s making the most out of his time since there must be many things to get done. Getting his take on the class, Oscar told me that it was something he liked and not exactly what he was expecting to see.


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