Week 11 – Artist Conversation – Wesley Hicks


Taking a view though the various works of art in the galleries, I took notice of this work by Wesley Hicks. Being told that this artist’s work holds many imperfections and inconsistencies. I saw this when looking that this piece in particular. It was made of structures that were pretty much buried into the ground.

To myself, this work illustrates how human civilization is broken in many ways figuratively. The structures in actual society aren’t broken like the one’s in this work of art, but the vast majority of the people that have to maintain a life through these structures have a difficult time. This means that people are struggling in our broken society due to other people’s greed and how life is a rich man’s game, but the poor can still play. People might see buildings as this due to their lack of revenue or loss of a job and can no longer have success in those buildings.

Overall, the work reminds me to continue to work hard and get things done because the world isn’t as perfect as it might seem. To keep myself from seeing the world as broken structures, I need to be successful because I am not rich but can still play the game and make it to the top.


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