Week 11 – Activity – Student Choice

For the activity of this week, all the students got the freedom to decide what they wanted to do. I decided to create a drawing via Adobe Illustrator. I have had some experience with the program and chose to recreate an image that I found online by drawing with Illustrator.

CaptureIn the picture above, the image that I wanted to draw is on the bottom right and the one I actually made is on the top left. Seeing how identical the images look, I can say that I was successful in recreating the image.

As shown in the picture (although it might be hard to see), I have several layers with the parts of the image I drew. Breaking apart my drawing you can see the many different parts of the whole that I made. The picture below shows the parts drawn broken up into separate pieces.


Overall it took quite a while to get everything put together, but it was a fun and relaxing process. It has been about a year since I’ve used Illustrator and I’m thinking about using it some more in the future probably to recreate some other things just for fun.


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