Week 10 – Classmate Conversation – David Aceves


This week at the galleries, I met David Aceves. Like myself, he is also an engineer, but has much more experience as a senior at the university. He appears to be quite the busy person with his project of building a concrete canoe, his tutor job of math and physics and the classes that he is currently taking.

With his friendly impression, I asked him a bit about what he does and got some suggestions from him about what I could do. He gave me a bit of an interest in tutoring since I know I am capable of helping others with mathematics. He’s also been in a sailing class which sounded pretty cool. David used to dorm at the school but now lives in an apartment not too far away. After sharing out some information, we decided to take a look at the art.

Going through the galleries together, we took great notice of the piece that was this block of pennies just sitting there. Apparently, the work was actually fragile in the sense that it was put together one penny at a time and could be pulled apart at any moment. The two of us started asking each other what we thought it was worth and how many pennies it was actually constructed out of. After taking a few quick calculations, we came up with the estimate of about a thousand dollars in pennies.

It was nice talking to David because he gave me quite the bit of advice and information about what I could do and look forward to doing. Hopefully I will be able to get to know more about the school and become a bigger part of it starting with the things that he told me.


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