Week 10 – Artist Conversation – Almira Nikravesh


This week in the galleries, I took great notice to this work that was made of a ridiculous amount of pennies stacked onto one another. Seeing how fragile this work is made me think about how fragile our own lives are. Since this represents probably the two most valuable things to about almost everyone, you can see how easy our lives can break apart just how the work can break in just a brief moment if someone were to tear it down.

Hearing that the artist actually took around twenty hours just sitting here stacking the pennies up is quite a spectacle. Seeing that the work was made of “time and money” pointed out how much these two things are valued in today’s society. The work is actually composed of around a thousand dollars or so through a short calculation of the length, width and height of the pennies. Noting the actual amount and money and time put together to create this work tells its value both figuratively and literally.

To me, this work reminds me not to spend all my worries thinking about time and money just how the artist spent so much of her time with this money. I should be thinking about something that is worth more to myself as a person and not what is defined to be important in today’s world.


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