Week 9 – Classmate Conversation – Allen Lam


This week at the galleries, I was quickly approached by a person by the name of Allen Lam. Even before the start of class, I was already beginning to have a conversation with this enthusiastic individual. Allen, unlike myself, is a bit more acquainted with life at the beach as this is his second year attending.

Allen seems like quite a busy person considering how quickly he wanted to finish his final class of the day in a matter of minutes after it had begun. He even took a peek at the galleries before I had even gotten there. The two of us are Vietnamese but have chosen to walk down different paths. Allen is planning to major in Kinesiology and is already working as an assistant in physical therapy. He seems to have quite some fun with interacting with people as he described how he helps clients with conditioning.

Outside of school and work, Allen loves to watch and experience things such as anime and television shows, particularly those on HBO. He named The Walking Dead as something that is notably great in his opinion and mine as well. He also has a bit of artistry as well as he described how he does sketches from time to time. It doesn’t seem like anything serious but just for fun, which appears to be what he spends a lot of his time for. It seems he usually in a rush for this class, so I probably won’t see too much of him, but it was a nice chat while it lasted.


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