Week 9 – Artist Conversation – André Stevenson


Going through the art gallery of Salon des Refusés, I saw this one work which I thought was pretty interesting. Although it’s just another one of those reminders of why alcohol is bad for you, the visualization of what happens to the individual is what took my attention.

This just goes to show how messed up a person will be after too many drinks. The image portrays loss of self as the person is melting away and is looking less like an actual person. At the same time the world around the person is still normal as represented by his clothing and the bottle itself being in much better shape than the person is. The figure is practically a zombie when you look at it which is what I think people become through excessive drinking.

There are also some other subtle aspects to this work other than the person melting apart that display the message. The fact that the image is purely black and white shows how bleak and flavorless life could be once you lose control to just a bottle of liquor. Having no eyes represents how a person’s vision of the world both literally (their sight) and figuratively (how they see the world) are impaired from what a person would be seeing without a drink altering everything.

Although it’s a simple statement, it’s a nice reminder of how something so simple can change a person’s life. This brought me to the conclusion of how I should be noticing for things in my life that are as simple as this whether those are positive or negative.


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