Week 8 – Classmate Conversation – Victor Kan

IMG_0379[1]For my conversation  partner this week, I had a talk with Victor Kan. I met him prior through last week’s activity, but haven’t actually gotten the chance to get to know him very well. It made sense for me to catch a little on that this week.

So it turns out that Victor is in his third year of attending the school which means that he is two years older than myself. He wasn’t sure what to say when I asked his favorite food so he named a few consisting of hash browns, kbbq, and fried rice. His book of choice is The Great Gatsby, which I think is a good read. He isn’t too sure about favorite movies nor television shows since he’s more busy with other things than stuff on the screens. However he did name a video game which was Final Fantasy Crisis Core.

A good impression was a result of our conversation and our participation in last week’s activity. It was nice that he freely communicated with me since I’m not too good at that myself. This made a lot of sense when he told me he was a business major, as that field does require communication skills. I’m not too sure what will happen next, but I do expect to see him more at the galleries in the following weeks.


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