Week 8 – Artist Conversation – Nora Ayala


Going through the art galleries this week, I saw a piece of work that really stuck out to me. The work had “Coming Out” at the top and had some sort of a map that acted as a flow chart as you could follow the lines and they would lead to events depending on how you would come out and for what reasons. It appeared to me that the piece was about telling the world about being gay, which is indeed something of great controversy in today’s society.

Going down the lines and reading possible outcomes of this work was pretty interesting. There were things like how would your friend react, how your family would react, and also the internal conflicts of the individual that was coming out about this. Overall, I the work conveys how hard it is to not be “normal” to society’s status quo which is to be heterosexual and how being something else causes all these problems for a person.

This work gave me insight on the demands of society and how it creates a lack of comfort for those who do not conform. Also, I didn’t notice until my last glance of the work that it was shaped as a heart. Stepping back to see this made me think that it meant to send the message that people with differences from actual society in terms of sexuality or anything for that matter should be accepted and loved as their hearts matter just as much as our own.


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