Week 7 – Classmate Conversation – Denzel Phillip Belleza


This week, I had my conversation with Denzel. Like I am, he is also a first year student at the university and is also a fellow engineer. Denzel is part Chinese and part Filipino with his mother being Chinese and father being Filipino. Strangely enough however, he’s forgotten the majority of his Chinese even though he’s learned it over the course of about eight years, but at least retains the ability to speak Tagalog.

Just like his chilled out personality, Denzel’s favorite color is a relaxing one which is blue. To add on this personality type, he is also a break dancer and created a friendly atmosphere as we held our conversation. It was a bit odd to hear that he has yet to get his driver’s license but he still manages to commute to the school. The fortunate thing for him is that he lives in Long Beach so it isn’t that far of a travel to school for him.

Overall, I found Denzel to quite a friendly person that doesn’t mind who he meets. To carry on our time together as classmates, he gave me an invite to head over with him to Venice for this week’s activity. I decided to go with him and had a pretty good time with him. I’m glad a ran into him this week or I would not have went out to the art wall this weekend and had the experience I did.


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