Week 7 – Artist Conversation – Kenita Hale

IMG_0362[1]       IMG_0361[1]

Heading into the art galleries this week, I saw this random tent just lying around. Venturing inside, I got to have a look at something I was expecting to find inside this circus-like structure. It held this ominous atmosphere as these I stared at these sculpted faces that appeared to be deformed in some ways. To top it off, the tent was only lit up by dim electric candles which left so many shadows and added to the strange feeling emitting from this work.

These altars seemed to be either worshiping or alienating the figures they each had. Either way, this work made me consider that these people, which is what the faces appeared to be, are to be noticed due to their differences. Although this sort of recognition can be either a good or bad thing depending on the person. I wish I had stayed a bit longer to take a better look at to what the sculptures were really about but what I think it is about from what I saw is that the world will have many different kinds of people just as this work did with it’s several altars.

What this work is telling me is to realize that there will be people that are different from me and I should take not of that and respect them, not to the extent of having shrines, but to just take note of it. At first sight, I was wondering what exactly these ominous figures were and they turned out to be people. I’m thinking that things should be looked at more than just a glance before some sort of judgement can be made.


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