Week 7 – Activity – Painting


This weekend, I went to the Venice art wall with my conversation partner, Denzel, his friend, Victor and Victor’s sister, Vivian. I originally was not too pleased with taking the drive all the way up to Venice to do this week’s activity, but things got much better with an invite from the friends that took me to the place. Meeting up in the morning over at Victor’s place, I was greeted by his friendly dog, Jin, who kept jumping at me to say hi. She was a cute and welcoming dog that put a nice start to my day.


With the group of us pitching in to pay for everything we needed, the cost of actually making the trip wasn’t that big a deal in the end. Although we aren’t the best of painter’s it was nice just to see our name’s on the wall along with everything that was painted before us. We told each other that our artistic skills weren’t that great but none of us really cared since we were having our fun. After everything was said and done, we made our move over to a ramen restaurant and had a meal before taking calling it a day.


Overall, I had a good experience with the trip to Venice. It’s always nice to do something with a new group of people, as it allows a pretty good bonding experience even if we haven’t known each other for too long. A fun day for the most part and hopefully I’ll be spending some more time with these new friends I’ve made. This activity was one of the better one’s in my opinion if you are willing to take the trip to the Venice art walls. It’s a nice view and getting the opportunity to try out and spray paint on the wall for the first time was definitely a fun thing to do especially with a group of friends.


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