Wk 6 – Artist Conversation – Angel Franco, Isaiah Ulloa, and Juan Martin


This week’s trip to the gallery brought some interesting works of art. Although I’m not certain as to which artist took this one into the gallery, it was definitely something that stuck out. With the body of a normal person and a head of an animal, this work spoke to me saying that animals can be just like humans. It is even wearing attire just as a person would if they were going somewhere.

Thinking about animals and humans, I came up with how this may be showing how animals aren’t treating on the same level as humans are. This is relevant to the society of today as not all animals are treated very well and there is also animal abuse. Maybe this work of art is saying that we should treat animals as we would humans, however probably not to the literal sense of the work which is dressing an animal in clothing.

The overall message that I am getting from this is to have more respect for animals even if they cannot communicate the same way we do. It is clear that they do have the ability to process information and even share emotions like we do, yet they are still regarded as less important than people. Perhaps this gap between humans and animals shouldn’t be as great as animals can be just as important as humans are with their senses and friendship they can share.


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