Week 6 – Classmate Conversation – Bowas Yang


This week I met Bowas Yang, a fellow first year like me at the beach. Unlike my other classmate conversations, this one was just a talk with my partner rather than exploring the galleries together. We asked questions back and forth getting to know each other bit by bit. Unlike myself, Bowas is more on the creative side and has quite the interest about art. This interest was shown when he gave a small the rant about how modern art is forcing people to do things that they might not like as the older and more traditional types of art are not as appealing as they had been in the past.

On top of his suit to art, Bowas also has some experience in film as he’s made a few short films. The creative side of his mind has also led him to the favoring of strategy video games such as Starcraft 2. He spoke of how he liked to think his way through to victory by using different strategies each game. In addition to strategy, Bowas is also in the process of enrolling into the military, which is definitely a strategic place.

An interesting and friendly fellow is what I found this week’s classmate to be. On top of that I’ve managed to progress a bit in my goal from last week in terms of trying to get to know someone better by asking away and of course answering back to question posed to myself.


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