Week 6 – Activity – Drawing

So this week, our activity was drawing. To me, this isn’t a very appealing topic since I have little ability in this aspect of art. Taking a look at the French Girls app was interesting as the video that was showed in class caught my interest. Using the app itself was a rather strange experience as I browsed through the vast amount of selfies that people were taking.

Overall the app was completely filled with selfies as I refreshed to see a new set of photos over and over. Interesting how many people use this app. It was cool to see what drawing people could do as I looked around completed illustrations, although I’m sure that there are much more poor ones than good ones.

IMG_0359[1]        IMG_0360[1]

Putting of a few pictures of myself didn’t end with very great results since most of them were just simple illustrations that even I could do with my poor drawing skills. The picture I took is shown below on the left and here’s what I got on the right. Not a very difficult illustration in my opinion, but it was something. Other photos I took got some really weird kinds of feedback such as people writing out in words about what they thought or saw. Some were stick figures others were just things like “lol,” “cool” and other things along those lines. Nothing really stuck out to me that much besides how many people take photos of themselves in hopes to get a drawing of something cool back.


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