Week 5 – Classmate Conversation – Celine Phan


This week I got to learn a little more about a friend of a friend. Previously exchanging greetings prior from us both knowing another person, I thought why not learn a little more about her. It was a bit different this week than the one’s prior in regards to my conversation partner. Instead of just observing the galleries together with another person, I was actually interviewed by Celine. Although a different experience than what had happened before, I can’t say that I had a problem with it.

It felt nice that someone actually wanted to get to know me better. The tone of her questions definitely set a positive atmosphere that felt enjoyable. This atmosphere was a lightening part of my day because I had just taken a midterm right before this class. Although that brought up my day, I felt that I should have tried the same. Since I’m more of an introvert, I didn’t really get across my own questions in getting to know my fellow classmate. However, the way that she had our conversation running made me think of how I should be doing that too.

To me, having this short, yet meaningful, talk makes me feel that I really need to make a better attempt in getting to know people better whether that be in regards to new people or the friends that I’ve already made. I have Celine to thank for this new insight to my life and I’ll try to make it happen. It’s a small goal for some, but probably a more difficult one for myself. For some other thing about my partner, Celine, take a look at her blog.


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