Week 5 – Artist Conversation – Candace Wakefield

IMG_0338[1]    IMG_0339[1]

This work of the North Kern State Prison made me think a bit about the emptiness of the world around us. On the left is a picture of the actual place and on the right is a drawing of the place titled “Across the Way” drawing by Candace Wakefield’s father. I’m pretty sure that other people aren’t getting the same take as I am when I looked at this work. Although I think this work is a bit simple to the eye, there is more to it.

The complete emptiness in both of these pictures show how deserted and isolated the people are inside prisons. Seemingly placed in the middle of nowhere as shown on the left, the prison seems to be out casting the inhabitants of the place. I feel that a prison should be more of a place of rehabilitation for the people in it and should be in a place with a more lively atmosphere rather than out in the open. The drawing on the left reflects the same, there is no person in the drawing which displays here there is absolutely no interaction going on between anyone.

This tells a little about how the world is more hasty to rid of things rather than fixing them. Apparently this might extend further than just technology, but to people that are “broken” too. This work of art makes me wonder about how isolation is causing problems in many aspects of life. Overall, Wakefield’s work makes me want to work to be a bit less isolated and interact with the people around me.


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