Week 5 – Activity – Counterfactual Identity

IMG_0345[1]     IMG_0346[1]

For this week’s activity, I didn’t really do too much to change my appearance, but I did assume a separate counterfactual identity. Before and after are on the left and right respectively. I decided to be a little more formal with a tie and a dress shirt rather than my usual T-shirt and dress pants instead of a pair of jeans. I even fixed my hair up a little to better fit the mold of being formal.

Thought the more difficult part was changing my speech to sound more of an academic type rather than just the random “dude” that I am. Walking around campus and talking with the people that were residing around the area, I seemed to give off the impression that I was a little stuck up and not the chill person that I actually am. Perhaps it was my posture or maybe just how formal I was making myself seem. It’s interesting to see how other people react as I said “greetings” to people instead of just my casual “hello.” Keeping my diction a bit higher than what I would actually use in normal conversation felt a strange to myself and the others around me.

Since I’m not much of the creative type, this activity wasn’t the most favorable to me. A bit of a strange experience, but it wasn’t too bad overall. I probably should have held some more conversations instead of the mere few that I had to get a better feel as to what sort of energy I was actually exerting to the people around me. In the amount of individuals that I did talk to, I could tell that I would not get the same responses if I had done the same without a persona. Sometimes being someone other than your actual self can be fun and allows you into the scope of another type of individual that you aren’t.


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