Week 4 – Classmate Conversation – Charlie Teloma


This week, the person that I had a talk with was Charlie Teloma. Heading through the galleries, we saw some interesting things, which at this point, was expected. Taking note of the pieces we saw, I asked for his opinions on the galleries. He seemed to like the exhibit of glass the most as I had found him inspecting the works of art with great enthusiasm. Although I didn’t get Charlie’s take on the art, he did say that it was open to interpretation. I’m just guessing he thinks that what’s in his mind is weird.

We also had a bit of fun going through the gallery filled with pink. As I was analyzing the hooks that were hanging from the ceiling, I noticed him attempting to write something in the pink fuzz of the wall. Seeing that he was making out his name with his hands, I too made an attempt to spell out mine. It definitely felt nice to place my hands on the walls, but I could only see my name since I was the one writing it out and figured that others would not be able to notice it unless I let them know it was there.

The last gallery that we went through together was the one that I liked the most. It was filled with figures with deformed body parts such as uneven arms and legs. Maybe looking at them was a bit unsettling at first, but I thought they were pretty cool and made me think about people in general about how flawed they could be on the inside regardless of how they seem to be externally. It also seemed that Charlie also took a strange look at the art as it was a bizarre sight for him as well. We definitely found it leaning far more on the weird side of the spectrum compared to the other things we saw, but liked what we thought it could potentially mean.

Stepping out of the gallery, we decided that we had enough art and called it a day. Though I didn’t get too much information from Charlie, I decided to take a peek at his blog to learn a little more.


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