Week 4 – Artist Conversation – Scott Burns

IMG_0331[1]     IMG_0332[1]

Roaming around the galleries, the work of Scott Burns really caught my eye. I took a couple pictures as posted above of the strange works I found by this artist. Talking a bit with him, I learned that his art was actually hollow on the inside. Quite a difficult creation I thought. Although I wasn’t too sure about his inspiration when he said he just makes what he felt like doing which turned out to be a culmination of figures with uneven body parts.

Out of all the galleries displayed this week, I found this one the most interesting as it spoke out to me about things I believe to be relevant in the world around me. Although it took quite a bit of time of just staring at this art, I came up with the idea that it was a representation of the flaws of us human beings. The phrase “no one is perfect” chimed in my mined as I further inspected the art. The deformed figure of uneven parts made me think about how everyone  has some sort of internal flaw that might not be expressed by them externally.

To me, this art illustrates how people in general are all messed up in some way. It’s somewhat sad to say this but it’s true. With this in mind, I took a pause to think about how this connected to my own flaws. Knowing that I’m not the only one with some sort of bad characteristic, I gained a small confidence boost. This came from just taking a look at art and I thought “that’s pretty awesome.” Now I’m even more excited and I am looking forward to see what’s coming next week in the galleries.


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