Week 4 – Activity – Plaster Casting


At first, I was a bit skeptical about doing this activity. Since I’m not much for the outdoors, going to the beach was not something I had in mind as a very good time. However, I was lucky enough to be invited by my classmates that I held conversations with prior to this week. As a result, this activity turned out to be my favorite project so far thanks to my buddies that took me with them. Going with Dominic, David and Conner from class and a few friends from their dorm definitely made this a much more positive experience than I had originally anticipated. I can only imagine how painful this would have been if I had to do this without the company of these guys.

Although setting up everything took much more time than I thought, we all had our conversations and some fun in the sand as we progressed in creating our molds. The time frame of waiting for the plaster to set and dry flew by as we had a good time talking with each other, forming our barricade of sand to stop the incoming tide of water and just having a walk along the beach.

Digging out our creations was definitely a fun thing to do as we predicted the successes of the formation of our works. Picking up my work, I was surprised to feel how heavy it actually was. Burning time for everything to dry up was definitely worth the wait when we got to see how great everything turned out. I was very pleased with the success of my project and also the success of my friends.


Here’s a picture of Conner, Dominic and myself holding our works in one hand and posing what we did in the other. Seeing how we could make out what our works were supposed to be was a good feeling that we were able to perform our activity without screwing up. Wrapping up our time at the beach, we decided to eat out as a group before we took our ways back home.

This was such a fun project to do and I’m left wanting to see what else is in stored. Art 110 is ending up being much better than I had expected. Hopefully there will be more fun activities like this one.


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