Week 3 – Classmate Conversation – Dominic Erich


This week, the classmate I shared conversation with was Dominic Erich. Just like everyone else, we explored the art that was being displayed. Though we were only limited to two galleries, we still got an interesting impression from the them. At the same time, the both of us got to learn a bit about each other.

Though we weren’t too sure as to what the gallery displaying dirt really stood for we took a guess as to what it was representing. We discussed it’s representation of the artist’s home as everything was from where she lived. We also brought up the how it might have shown differences that can come from the same place since there was such a variety in the types of dirt that were meld together in the exhibit.

The two of us also had a liking to the other exhibit showing technology being scrapped all around.Since Dominic is a business person, it just made him think how wasteful and how quickly outdated things become. I agreed with him and through my lens as an engineer I thought about how rapidly things are being replaced and how this art could possibly show what is in the near future of what we use today.

Unfortunately, those were the only exhibits we could share our minds about so the two of us decided to do our kickstarter video together to have a bit more interaction with one another. Quite a fun experience I would say. To see some of his posts check out his blog here.


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