Week 3 – Artist Conversation – Christopher Vavrek

Unfortunately, the artist was not actually present at the time due to a family emergency. However that does not keep me from having a conversation with him because his art spoke to me. Making my entrance to this exhibit I was fascinated by what I saw. As an engineering student, seeing all this technology immediately grabbed my attention. This art displayed technology that was being trashed due to becoming outdated. I thought this was a great commentary of the rapid technological advancements of our modern society as I saw how many things that we longer use that was highly relevant not too long ago.

IMG_0323[1]   IMG_0327[1]   IMG_0326[1]

Although technology is indeed evolving at an astounding rate, I stepped back a little and realized that the art is showing just how wasteful people are in this time and age. We are so quick about getting rid of something just because something new came even if what we had before was functioning perfectly. The pictures of I took show how we just throw out stuff we don’t find of use such as old computers and the the hardware of them.

Experiencing this art made me think about how I shouldn’t be ridding of my own things even if there is something new that can replace it. What I have now works just fine and I don’t need to get something new when what I have isn’t broken. This is what I am being told by this art, whether the artist is present or not. Art does speaks for itself, although not the same way to everyone.


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