Week 3 – Activity – Kickstarter

For this week’s activity, we took a look at kickstarter videos. The website had quite a variety of projects from many aspects from subjects about art to ideas about technology. Browsing the kickstarter website I found interest and relevance in a funded project called “OFF Pocket.”

With phones everywhere you look, this project has great relevance to our modernized world. As technology has expanded, it definitely noticeable that people’s privacy has fallen due to the ability to track people via their cell phones. I can imagine how paranoid some people can get about being followed around by others due to the technology in their hands. I think that the success that came from this project was for this reason. People don’t like to be tracked or even the possibility of being tracked is discomforting. I know I wouldn’t like that.

If how the product works as easily as shown in the video than it would be so simple to use and be effective in creating greater privacy for individuals. Everyone likes some more security especially in regards to privacy so this project hold relevance in the majority of people’s lives.

This week’s activity also had us create our own kickstarter video whether that was for real or not. I worked on a video with a partner who was the person that I had my classmate conversation with, Dominic Erich.


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