Week 2 – GLAMFA Artist – Bridget Batch


This week I took a look through the two other galleries that I was unaware of prior. As a result, I got to view another piece of art that gave me the thought “what does this one mean?” The images created by Bridget Batch portrayed a green aura resonating around a body of water. Taking a moment to try and understand what sort of representation that was supposed to be there, I decided to see if the title said anything to me. The title “Owens Lake Performance” gave me some sort of an idea.

2I had the impression that the resonating aura was acting as a barrier to the water and that to truly experience the lake and the nature of the area, you had to be within that boundary. Being aside the water is one thing, but being in physical contact with it is another. To me, these images are inviting the viewers to go towards the ominous aura and into the water to truly experience it’s “performance.”

This may also further apply to individuals with the message that we need to adventure into the unknown even if things seem odd or ominous as the green that surrounds the water.To understand something means that a person would need to dive into it and experience it themselves rather than just looking and analyzing. I feel that this image is telling me to do this and experience the waters by going through the green rather than just gazing at it as if it were a boundary. Since it appears as a mist, it could even represent something you can just go through to get something you want like the water behind it.

Well, that’s what I got out of this art, to go past boundaries and venture into something to really experience it. Bridget Batch has some other stuff here if you want to take a look.


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