Week 2 – Classmate Conversation – David Ngo



Once again, I get to see another familiar face this week. Running into my friend, David Ngo, we decided to have a talk with one another while we experienced the art galleries together. Just like the prior week, I got to know David a bit more during the day since I didn’t know too much before.

As we shared our ideas and opinions about the art that we curiously approached, consistently, we came up with similar conclusions and agreed with one another on what the art was trying to portray. Since it is week two of the GLAMFA artists, we did have an idea of what to expect. Perhaps our ideas were like this because we are fellow engineer buddies. It just might be, but I don’t know if he’s thinking that too.

Going through the two galleries we missed last week, we both took notice to of this tent of tin foil. Taking a closer look, we saw the title to be “When We Are Robots We Will Still Gaze at the Stars.” A rather strange name, but we agreed that GLAMFA had some pretty unorthodox works of art. It took but a moment for us to realize that the meaning of the title came from the content inside this tent. Strangely enough, there was a television screen placed in the center of the tent turned on. What was implemented onto the screen was the stars. Pondering for a bit, we together concluded that it was a representation of the value of nature which is shown by the starts in a futuristic world which is conveyed by the tin foil tent. So even though the future holds robotic things, the spectacle of nature will still remain something to be noticed whether it’s seen in the stars in the night sky or the pictures of the starts on a screen.

Another interesting experience with a friend I had this time around. Although I think that’s all the people that I know prior to this class, so next time, it’s going to be somebody new for a change. Don’t forget to take a look at David’s blog.


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