Week 2 – Activity – Instagram

Taking a look at the posts of my fellow classmates on Instagram, I saw some things that I wasn’t expecting. I was planning to be staring at several photos of the same pieces of art in the galleries in the courtyard. It would appear that I am incorrect. A lot of photos were actually unrelated to the class setting. Pictures of art to photos of friends just hanging out with each other provided a great variety of things were found when I searched up the hashtag.



Here’s a photo of the sunset that appeared in the hashtag search. Not what I was expecting to see. A relaxing sight to see nonetheless, but maybe it’s supposed to be something about art. I mean the instagrams we are posting are from the art class. Then again, there were other things that I’m pretty sure are not related to art or the class.


Here’s another post. It appears that someone is playing some video games on their computer. If I’m not mistaken, this is definitely not related to class. I wonder why this was posted up online for all of us to see. Maybe to be different since there actually were no specifics as to what were supposed to place online.

Other instagrams were selfies and pictures of what people were doing with their day. As a whole it seemed unrelated in what these activities were to be. Taking a step back a little, I came up with the possibility that we’re just communicating with one another and showing each other what’s up while trying to make this activity something fun. This thought made sense to me since we all are a community of buddies getting through a class together. Perhaps I am wrong, but it’s a thought. Might as well let everyone know that we are having some sort of fun by sharing photos that we believe are amusing. Social media like Instagram is for that kind of stuff, so it makes sense that we’re trying to put something up that we think is fun.


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