Week 1 – GLAMFA Artist – Lisa Diane Wedgeworth

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Observing the galleries of art that in the courtyard, I found many different types of art. Some of things that crossed my eyes seemed rather bizarre, others a bit unorthodox. Though this art appears so simple, it stuck out the most to me. The visual of these spheres which were titled as “celestial bodies” represented the world to me and the different perspectives that an individual may view the world.

In a literal sense, these pieces of art are merely spheres with a different amount of black and white in a sphere. However, figuratively, I see these spheres or “celestial bodies” as a portrayal of the how much light and darkness people see in the world. The darker one represents the people that have a more negative outlook on life and see the world as a place covered in shadows which reflects their darker view of the world. The other body shows the opposite, a world vastly encased by light which would display a more positive outlook of the world.

Looking a bit into the artist, I discovered that Wedgeworth examines the connections we as people make and the responses of them. This brought me to think that her art may also be depicting how individuals may find more difficulty in communicating and connecting than others, which could be a representation as to why the celestial bodies, although the same in their spherical structure, have noticeably different shadings. The dark one might be displaying those who have a harder time connecting and therefore “black” out the world and keep to themselves. On the other hand, the light one could represent the people that have a much easier time connecting and are lightened by the world and embrace it with openness.

For more information about the artist check out http://www.greaterlamfa.com/Glamfa2014/Wedgeworth_2014.html


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