Week 1 – Classmate Conversation – Mimi Ly

IMG_0299[1]This week, I actually happened to run into a friend that I met in high school. However, I actually didn’t know very much about her so I decided to take the opportunity to have a talk with her. Observing the galleries together, we did not see what we were expecting to be displayed as art. We observed some pretty interesting things and strange pieces of work as well. The two of us even questioned some of the things that were placed in the galleries, but had our own views as to what they might mean.

Going around together, we discussed the art we saw, asking each other’s opinion of the pieces we saw. Continuously, we brought up different insights on the same works of art. As an example, we both took a gaze at the “celestial bodies” which were spheres covered in light and darkness. I saw them as representations of how people saw that world and she believed them to be the world in the old and new ages of time. Perhaps we could be both off about what the artist was trying to tell, but we still got something out the their art which I think is the important thing.

Although the two of us knew each other prior to this class, we also made attempts to chat with other people that were also pondering about the art we were. Once again, many different ideas of the same work of art emerged. This brought me to the realization that to each person, a work of art will speak to them in a way that is unique from others. Art holds many meanings and will speak so an individual in its own way Even though we have different mindsets, me diving into engineering and she entering psychology, sharing our thoughts about art was a fun experience. Seeing a friend was a good way to start my week, but I’d like to get the insights of more people whether it be from a stranger or not.

For some more things about Mimi, check out her posts here.


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